Click to see my Apple iMac 4K, 16 GB, with Most Current Mac OS,
an Intel 6 Core 3 GHz, 1TB Fusion/SSD in 21.5" Screen
ComputerHopbbyShop iMac 2019 from Apple
Apple made this iMac with new features to work great & run fast.
But don't take our word for how incredible this 6 Core iMac is.

The New York Times Technology Expert, Walt Mossberg says, Apple's

"iMac is the gold standard of desktop PCs...
... it's the finest desktop PC on the market at any price."

If seen at auction, eBay will have removed this video link, so
see this video up in the pictures at the top of the auction


My iMac with several upgrades was over $1,800 when new

ComputerHopbbyShop iMac Product Manufacturer Info

A 21.5" 4K LCD Screen shows stunning images and sharp videos.
It's perfect for video conferencing with a built-in camera.
Plus the built-in microphone with FaceTime Software too.

Below is a picture showing how thin iMac is.
A unique Design!
ComputerHopbbyShop iMac 2019 from Apple

My Apple iMac is a powerful all-in-one computer,
perfect for casual computing, gaming, educational use
or office work, plus website or engineering coding and it is
also Apple designed for serious graphics and video editing.

See iMac back, (these look good from any angle).
ComputerHopbbyShop iMac 2019 from Apple

There are many connection ports on the back.
ComputerHopbbyShop iMac 2019 from Apple
Connectivity listed left to right: Audio, SD Slot, USB 3.1,
Thunderbolt 3, USB-C, DisplayPort, and Ethernet

iMac is perfect for any one looking for reliability and power.
The SD Card slot is perfect for the avid photographer who needs to
quickly transfer photos to an iMac for editing and/or desktop publishing.

Buy my Intel 6 Core 3 GHz i5 Turbo Boosting to 4.1 GHz. A customized
CPU to work with a dedicated AMD Radeon Pro 560X GPU with 4 GB
GDDR5 video RAM = fast processing. Plus it was special ordered to
store over 1 billion bytes of data in a very fast Apple Fusion 1 TB Drive
that uses SSD tech to handle any task fast with 16 GB Main Memory too.

ComputerHopbbyShop iMac 2019 from Apple

A custom built model with 2 x RAM and a CPU upgrade. It has the
most current Mac OS in a huge 1TB Fusion tied to SSD designed to
utilize HDD & SSD storage types in Apple's fastest yet when new.

ComputerHopbbyShop iMac 2019 Fusion Drive

Everything is freshly installed on the Apple Fusion Drive,
as the current macOS Sonoma update 14.3.1 was done for you.

ComputerHopbbyShop iMac 2019 Sonoma Update

From Apple Product Marketing Notes:

Do you want a stylish, All-In-One, quiet iMac desktop?
A 21.5" iMac Aluminum Core i5 may be right for you.
This slim design iMac is ideal for home, class
and even small business productivity + graphics.

Encased in a smooth, futuristic tilt screen on stand
this model has an Intel Core i5 processor with
six independent cores on a fast Intel CPU chip.

Compared to its predecessor, this Mac has
a faster processor, newer architecture, more RAM,
better graphics and an improved built-in Wi-Fi.

The aluminum body case contains the Intel 64 bit
6-core i5 + 9 MB shared level 3 cache for quick,
smooth processing capabilities. It utilizes Direct
Media Interface in lieu of the traditional system bus.

Thunderbolt & audio jack + more are on the back.
They connect even more external devices + GB Ethernet.
The AFS, Apple File System has increased capacity
to store more audio, video & image documents.

The AMD Radeon Pro 560X video allows high-capacity,
high resolution video with 4GB for several monitors at once.
The built-in 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi Connectivity,
+ GB Ethernet offers flawless, uninterrupted streaming.
Built-in Bluetooth 4.2 lets you connect Bluetooth devices.

My iMac is actually 2 machines in one as it also supports
running 64-bit Windows 10 using Boot/Virtualization.
I will include the 64-bit Windows 10 DVD for you.

ComputerHopbbyShop iMac 2019 free Windows DVD for iMac
(Note: You will need a Windows10 Key Code as I have mine
activated and licensed only for my office use, but you
can easily purchase a key from Microsoft's Phone or Online
Sales and Support or you may buy a code from sellers on eBay).

See the iMac Specification Chart.

ComputerHopbbyShop iMac 2019 free Windows DVD for iMac

Buy It Now and get this keyboard and mouse included.

Mouse for a Buy It Now Customers of ComputerHobbyShopKeyboard for a Buy It Now Customer of ComputerHobbyShop

Admin Login is "password". Be sure to change it when you sign in.
ComputerPro2000 iMac Login Info from ComputerHobbyShop

Full Disclosure Physical Defects:
iMac Scuffs or Scratches on Front    iMac Scuffs or Scratches on Back
Showing the only few small scuff or marks seen on the
front and back,
but these do not affect performance.

Full Disclosure Visual Defects While Using iMac:
None, LCD screen is OK, bright and clear with no screen
burn in and no dead pixels and auto adjusts for night and day.

Concerned about energy use?
This iMac is certified energy star compliant.

See iMac and the Environment

Apple takes a complete product life cycle approach to determining
our environmental impact. Learn more about iMac and the Environment

iMac is designed with the following features to reduce its environmental impact:

Arsenic-free display glass, BFR-free, PVC-free, Beryllium-free,
Mercury-free LED-backlit display, Recyclable aluminum enclosure, Speaker
enclosures made with 60 percent post-consumer recycled plastic
Meets ENERGY STAR Version 6.1 requirements, Rated EPEAT Gold.

Buy here on eBay and you also get the satisfaction of
knowing you bought green earth friendly hardware.

Buy Green Earth Ferfurbished from ComputerPro2000

Who is this Green Earth Trusted Eco-friendly Seller?

ComputerHobbyShop's Great Mission

SSD Drive Upgraded

Auction posted and iMac Serviced Professionally by:
Store Sign, ComputerPro2000
It was 30 years, 10 years ago, now it's 40 years of experience.

See their great feedback below...
Happy Customer Feedback

Comparing my eBay auction to other eBay sellers...
If you compare my eBay auction to others sold on eBay
they won't always include my 2 times the original memory
nor a full size 1 TB Fast Fusion + SSD Cache Drive + free shipping!

Compare these two sold by someone else on eBay.
SSD Drive Upgraded

Also, if you are thinking about buying a 5K iMac,
remember the human eye cannot really tell the difference
between a 4K and a 5K image. Nevertheless I have a chart
below comparing my 1 year older 4K iMac with a new 2020 5K iMac.
iMac from ComputerPro2000

Yes, it is really true, you can save $1,000.00,
No wonder so many people ask us for computers,
and this is mostly why we have so many followers.

This computer comes from a no smoke & no pet dander office.
We understand your allergies because we have them too!

Shipping to U.S. is FREE by fast UPS Ground.
Ships in a Double Padded Box!
(International buyers will be billed
by the eBay Global Shipping Program)

Feel free to ask questions via eBay messages and
Buy It Now to Save the Most!

iMac photo from ComputerPro2000

Click to see my Apple iMac 4K, 16 GB, with Most Current Mac OS,
an Intel 6 Core 3 GHz, 1TB Fusion/SSD in 21.5" Screen on eBay
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