Here is my own Apple G4 Cube.

Unless stated otherwise, all photos are of the actual system you get.

If you are a technical collector or just love Apple history, this
PowerMac G4 Cube is a dream addition for any Apple fan.

My new camera shows it well,
and any scratches you may see
are actually under the clear case & 
can be touched up and/or painted over.
I didn't do it, I left the touch-up cosmetics
for you to do it as part of your restoration fun.

Advertised as Apple's Supercomputer in an 8 Inch cube,
it features a workstation that runs both Apple OS 9 and
Apple OS X of the day and sold for $2,299 before upgrades.
The total for my cube with upgrades was over $2,500 before tax.

Below is a movie I made about this G4 Cube.
The video will say it originally came with 64MB of RAM,
but I have upgraded it to 1.5GB RAM and the Hard Drive to 80GB,
(Apple formats it to 74.5GB) and it can actually be upgraded more
by you to 120GB native or 750GB with special software.

Click to open my G4 Cube Video on YouTube

Note: RAM is already upgraded so no, you don't really
need an 8 year old to upgrade it like the video says ;)

 I don't think Apple meant to sound condescending
the video, they simply do not want us to think we need
someone smarter than us to upgrade their Supercomputer.

As can be seen, the cube-like design for the case was ingenious.
It was Apple's most powerful desktop workstation system of the day.

Very advanced for its time, the speed is 450MHz and the
entire computer is silent, being air cooled without a fan.

Scratches seen under the clear plastic can be painted over.

Again, marks under the clear case can be removed with touch-up paint.

The quiet G4 Cube is a favorite computer of many collectors!

Unlike many others sold on eBay,
the top ventilation area is not cracked.

Below is a rear view showing added right angle extension to
make it easy to connect video.
It is removable if you want.

See 5 pictures below of the core shown at different angels.

It comes with the Cube Power Supply, Speakers,
this Apple USB Keyboard, & the Apple Pro USB Mouse

Included is my clear and easy to see Monitor.
It is a very stylish 19.5" diagonally, Dell LCD VGA.

The DVD auto-load and eject works great to do the 'Jobs'

See 4 actual screen shots below.

This is set for high resolution.

This is set for low resolution.

This is re-set for high resolution.

What's not included?

Factory original CDs, (most always low cost on eBay).
Also, no warranty. Checking Apple's Website shows it is out of warranty and I
fresh loaded OS 9.2.2 but not OSX early versions of 10, it is free to download.
Although it is in working condition as shown in the pictures, it is sold AS-IS.
Apple burns Mac serial #s into firmware, see the captured screen shot below.

Remember, the new Original Retail Price
was over: $2,500.00 USD with upgrades.

But wait you say, how do I know what the going prices are now?
See actual eBay searches for completed listing as shown below.

For historical background on this collector's system,

See the PowerMac G4 Cube Wiki page

UPS Ground Shipping is offered for only $50.00 USD
even though it will cost more getting all items to you.

   International Buyers!:

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and insured for the full auction price including shipping. International
buyers will pay shipping plus a fee to eBay to receive everything through
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eBay Global Shipping Hub then proceed to your country.

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As for my reputation, no worries,
I have a great history on and off eBay.

My last picture shows my G4 Cube turned on and working great.

I'm sure you'll love getting my Power Macintosh G4 Cube!
Best of luck winning my most favorite Mac of all time.
I hope you enjoyed the listing and thank you
for buying from ComputerHobby Shop on eBay.

Although the auction says, "As Is, No Returns"...
If not changed by you, I'd gladly take it back...
because it's that Good !!!