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Computer Hobby Shop - For Computer Enthusiasts who love to use a computer for anything they can!
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Richard's ComputerHobbyShop Makes Computers Fun and Affordable,
for Computer Enthusiasts Who Love To Use A Computer For Anything They Can!

Click to see my contact info. I'm Richard, with 30+ years of experience in technolgy. I give
expert technical advice in a simple, yet proven way and I also design custom-built computers like
Video Creation and Gaming PCs and of course, repair and upgrade popular brand name computers too.

For IT consulting, big companies send me to over 70 cities, with
all expenses paid to hotels and rental cars to teach at seminar locations.

RAM at ComputerHobbyShop.com

So take advantage of my vast tech knowledge by subscribing here

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With my experience in technology as a CTT+, (Certified Technical Trainer),
I've taught thousands of every day users how to work on and enjoy using computers.

Now that I've retired, I create videos on finding, testing, and restoring computers and
I host this non-profit website, where I send out early notice of sponsored giveaways for my followers.

If you choose to becoame a Patreon Member you also get early notice and even more benefits.

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Watch me collect, post about and restore Retro Macs or PCs & other tech devices,
and come post something about your favorite computer-related hobby at my YouTube Channel.

Patreon Memberships with donations, (see donation address on my website),
are needed and appreciated as they support this restore and giveaway service.

Without donations, I must sell on eBay just to cover the basic costs, but at
my ComputerHobbyShop, your Computer Enthusiast Hobby can be even more fun!