Project: Collectible Apple MacBook Pro Upgrade

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Working Apple MacBook Pro Being Upgraded for a Mac Collector.

Final Update: 3/11/2024
Hi William, I just finished the Keyboard replacement and all keys worked fine and tested OK. The back lights seem brighter with this keyboard. Of course, you can adjust the back light with the top F9 and F10 keys, or you can turn them off with the F8 key. You will also get the extra external Bluetooth keyboard as promised, but you probably won't ever use it now that I have replaced the entire MacBook Pro keyboard. I have also tested the 1 TB SSD which is really nice to have in this laptop. It is now 3:21 PM and every thing will ship out today in just a few hours from now. Thanks again for your patience and I did insure this package, be sure to let me know it arrived OK by leaving me good feedback on eBay. Thanks again, Richard, of ComputerPro2000 on eBay and host of

3/6/2024: It had over 200 views when a buyer agreed to wait
for the parts I had ordered to come so all repairs and upgrades
will be done before I ship it. See earlier update notes at the bottom.

Click pictures to see larger images from

Overall it is very clean with case having few small dents and/or scratches on it.

Right side has Security Slot, USB, Firewire, Mini-Display, Ethernet, & DVI Port.

Left side has MagSafe Connector, USB, & Audio In/Out Ports + Card 34 Slot.

Front Side View shows release catch and DVD Slot.

Bottom Side has Battery Compartment with battery eject tabs that work.

It is running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 but you can change that if you want.

Here is the screen shot showing the 120GB HD and the system Info Chart.
But wait to buy as a 1 TB Fast SSD is coming to upgrade this MacBook Pro!

Here is an original specification chart found online at

Apple applications are pre-installed in Snow Leopard.

With WiFi or Ethernet it can easily browse the web. Below is this MacBook Pro
browsing free software found at the Macintosh Garden Software Repository.

The Laptop will run from the battery that is said to need replacing,
but as noted the battery run time of over an hour is not guaranteed.

This MacBook Pro comes with the Magsafe charger.

Here is the last picture I took, but remember,
I'm going to fix the "S" key by replacing the keyboard and
I will upgrade the drive to a fast 1 TB SSD before shipping this so
do not buy it right now, the ad is here before it is ready just
to get interested buyers an idea of what is to come before it's sold.

Until my keyboard arrives, I use this bluetooth exernal keyboard.

Survey Question:
"Would you have bought my MacBook Pro without the keyboard fixed 1st
if I had just included an external bluetooth keyboard like this one for free?"

I doubt many would have so I am going the extra mile to make you happy. Feel free
to ask questions and please come back to buy when this laptop is ready to sell.

Until then, check out my great feedback below


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Best of luck getting this fun MacBook Pro

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You will love owning this Cool Collector's Mac

Thanks for buying from ComputerPro20000 on eBay

Update: 3/6/2024

I responded to an eBay message this morning: Dear computerpro2000 Hi, I'm interested in your MacBook Pro. I appreciate the fact that you're going to fix the sticky key by replacing the keyboard and I do not mind waiting. Also, is there any chance you'll accept $160 for the MacBook Pro? Thank you, William. - beeyee on eBay

Hi William, thank you for your interest. Yes, I'll accept your offer and of course I want you to be happy with the results, so I'm glad you not only found my project, but you are also willing to wait for the MacBook Pro to ship after it is finished. The 1 TB SSD drive is here already so using my Mac OSX upgrade server, I connected the MacBook Pro with firewire and made the drive image backup last night. When the other parts arrive shortly, I'll be able to replace the keyboard and put in the 1 TB SSD drive at that time. I'm sure you will enjoy this fixed and upgraded Apple MacBook Pro. It's one example of the many enjoyable projects I post at
  I'll go click the accept button for you, and thanks again for your offer.

Update: 3/7/2024
Hi William, just to let you know, the picture in the auction shows a 60 Watt power supply for the laptop, but I just found an Apple original 85 Watt power supply in my file cabinet. Although the 60 Watt one does work, it runs hotter than the 85 Watt original version. I tested the better 85 Watt one today and it is working fine. It looks almost identical to the 60 Watt unit, but it is a fraction of an inch larger so it can deliver better power for the laptop and stay cooler. My reading online shows Apple recommends it over the cheaper 60 Watt version. Since learning this, in the future I will be selling only the 80 Watt version with this type of laptop. It has the same length cord going from the laptop to the supply, and it plugs directly into an outlet without the extension cord. Since it is what I would personally want and it is better for the MacBook Pro, it will ship with your laptop instead of the 60 Watt version.

(Unless of course you would rather have the cheaper one shown in the ad).

Also, I printed [the label] to get the shipping box ready. It is [going to be sent] USPS Priority Mail box with tracking number # ...................... I'll send everything out to you as soon as I get the replacement keyboard which is due here by Monday. That is all the updated news I have for you at this time. Have a nice weekend, Richard on eBay

The response message from beeyee on ebay: Thank you, Richard. I appreciate getting the 85 Watt PSU instead of the 60W. Thanks for the great service. -William 

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